As late as the 1970’s, heavy oil was still used to heat homes on the North Shore.  Many of these tanks still remain, and are either buried in the ground or rest above the ground.  Depending on how a home was converted to gas heating, there is a chance that the old tank may still contain petroleum product.  As you can imagine, abandoned tanks potentially present environmental & health concerns. If you are selling a home where there is the possibility an oil tank exists, it will be YOUR responsibility to remove it.  In accordance with the provisions of the BC Fire Code, Waste Mgmt Act & local bylaws, ANY unused underground tanks must be removed, the surrounding soil tested & cleaned if necessary.  We have experienced the safe & uneventful removal of many oil tanks in our practise, and have a list of contractors who specialize in this, as recommended by the municipalities of North & West Vancouver.  Selling or not, we highly recommend that  homeowners should not ignore an unused tank, but get it removed as soon as possible.  If you’d like more information, please call !


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